The island of Naxos is the largest island in Cyclades and by far the most fertile among them. It is located in Cyclades and has only recently been touristically developed. ิhe island's sandy beaches, make it an ideal holiday island for travellers who seek a quiet and beautiful place for their vacation. More than 60 villages, most of which are mountaineous, cover its slopes. Naxos is well known for its excellent cool climate and excellent cuisine.

Naxos is neighbouring Paros and is one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors to the Greek islands.

Other nearby islands are Syros and Mykonos. Most of the ferries to Naxos and Santorini make a stop first at Paros.

How to get there

By ferry

Ferries and Highspeed catamaran services run daily from Piraeus.

By air

There is a daily air connection between Athens and Naxos .

Get around

Within Naxos town, walking is the best method of transport. Bus services do operate between the towns, and car and motorbike rentals are available

What to see

The most recognizable landmark of Naxos is the Portara, an iconic 6th century BC marble gate on the islet of Palatia in Naxos harbor. It is the only remnant of a temple dedicated to Apollo. Naxos is well known for its wonderful beaches, some with advantageous winds for prime windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Most of the Island's West coast is one long sandy beach with crystal clear azure water, the most popular areas of which are Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka and Mikri Vigla.

It also has a mountainous interior with a great variety of valleys and villages, easily reachable by a well-maintained road system. Archaeological highlights include the Kouros of Melanes and Apollonas, Dimitra's Temple at Sangri and the Cheimarros Tower.